Olympic Catering

Who we are


Olympic Catering S.A is a company of the Goody’s-Everest Group, which is a part of the leading F&B Greek company Vivartia SA. Founded in 1970, Olympic Catering was originally established in order to undertake the demanding tasks of inflight catering and ramp handling for the historical airline carrier, Olympic Airways. The company was acquired by Everest Group S.A in 2002, which in turn became part of Vivartia S.A in 2008.

Olympic Catering has managed to maintain its Greek character throughout these years, while successfully adapting to the changes of the international market and changing customer preferences. From the most complex airline catering service to the most specialized mass catering services in the largest market chains and other industrial catering units, Olympic Catering is able to satisfy even the most demanding customer. This combination of experience and know-how allows Olympic Catering to face the future with particular confidence and optimism.

The vision of Olympic Catering is to become the most reliable and successful company in the Greek catering market by occupying the leading position in the sector, innovating and entering into strategic partnerships.

The provision of high-quality services that satisfy the needs and wishes of all its customers, the production of products with an emphasis on Greek-Mediterranean cuisine, as well as the coverage of high hygiene standards, are criteria for Olympic Catering that have determined each of its choices its entire course until today.