Olympic Catering

About us

Production Facilities

Olympic Catering is situated in the Athens International Airport premises in Attica, in a total space of 20,000 sq meters. The facility also hosts a production area of 7,000 sq meters.

Αpart from its long experience in the inflight catering business for over 50 years, Olympic Catering also undertakes the production of pastry & bakery products for Goody’s-Everest Group’s brands, as well as the HORECA business of Hellenic Catering, the other production company of the Group.

Olympic Catering facilities include:



Production of Hot meals

Production of Cold meals

Tray Set-Up preparation


Loading areas

The production capacity of the aforementioned facility is:


16.500 servings/day

Ready to Eat Meals
20 tn per day
Pastry & Bakery
tn per day