Based on its long and internationally recognized progress, Olympic Catering has been active in the hospital catering and food services sector, supplying food for patients and staff since 2010.

Under the guidance of a Clinical Nutritionists’ scientific team in each relevant Hospital & Therapeutic Institute, and aiming to provide meals of high nutritional value, always in total agreement with the patients’ specific nutritional requirements, Olympic Catering designs and supplies a variety of meals with emphasis on the use of pure ingredients and according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet and the patients’ special needs.

The executive chefs with their experienced teams and expert staff in the catering sector, as well as professional chefs, supervise on a daily basis the meals’ production processes, from the reception of the raw materials, the cooking, and the distribution, until the final delivery. The maintenance of optimum conditions of hygiene and safety in the areas of meal preparation through advanced scientific methods and processes, fully complying with the company’s strict specifications and procedures, constitutes its basic operational method. The hospital catering units apply and are certified according to the Food Safety Management System based on the relevant international standard ISO 22000.

Olympic Catering’s units are vertically organized for:

  • Daily receipt and storage of raw materials
  • Preparation, production & distribution of more than 1,000 meals daily by a well trained staff (chefs, waitresses) with great experience in this field