All the activities of Olympic Catering’s Human Resources Department focus on the human factor. For this reason, our staff is selected with the greatest possible care and attention, and a lot of effort is made to ensure the optimum use of its potential.

By applying the most advanced and innovative models of human resources management, the Human Resources Department creates an excellent working environment through allowances, salaries, and methods of personnel evaluation and professional development that are based on individual abilities and achievements. At the same time, a stable working environment in a big company is guaranteed, with common goals and objectives for the management and staff. 

At Olympic Catering, further to our commitment to the manufacture and supply of fine premium products, we believe in active participation in the professional development and training of our staff. That’s why we invest in our workforce by organizing training seminars and lectures on a regular basis. The application of such methods ensures that our executives and our staff have the opportunity to acquire useful knowledge and develop useful skills.