Olympic Catering’s meals are prepared using the purest Mediterranean ingredients, strictly following the qualitative specifications of the production processes. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure the superior quality and taste of the meals that we produce. Using Greek and Mediterranean cuisine recipes of high nutritional value, low-fat, traditionally cooked using Mediterranean raw materials, especially extra virgin olive oil (instead of vegetable and animal fats), Olympic Catering daily prepares meals with superb taste and quality, ensuring that none of the Mediterranean Cuisine nutritional ingredients will be lost during the production process.
The ready deep frozen meals are distributed in packages of 6-8 portions, or in individual containers, with a 12-month expiration date (as long as they are stored in proper, low temperature conditions). Except for frozen meals, a wide range of freshly prepared (chilled) ready meals in individual packages, with an expiration date of 25 days (stored in preservation refrigeration conditions), is offered. The only thing to do in order to savor Olympic Catering’s ready meals is to follow the reheating instructions written on the package.
Mediterranean Cuisine
The Mediterranean Cuisine is one of the most well known cuisines worldwide. Its appreciation and fame are due to its pure ingredients and healthy cooking methods, as well as to its unique flavors.
The climatic conditions of the region (sun, sea, mild temperatures and good-quality, fertile soil), all contribute to create the perfect conditions for the development of high quality foodstuffs, such as olive oil, vegetables, citrus fruits, dairy products, meat and the famous Mediterranean wheat.