The company was founded in 1970 under the corporate name Marriot Airport Services, aiming to offer comprehensive services in the mass catering sector.

In 1976, after its acquisition by Olympic Airways, Marriot Airport Services was renamed “Olympic Catering” and, since then, it operates as a subsidiary company of Olympic Airways.

In 1999, Olympic Catering was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, multiplying its profits and guaranteeing the continuation of the positive results it had achieved since 1976.

In November 2002, the Everest Group of Companies bought the majority of Olympic Catering’s shares, revitalizing the company and expanding its horizons. In 2002, Olympic Catering became a subsidiary of the Everest Group of Companies, and since 2008, it is a member of Vivartia Group, the biggest Greek food service group. Vivartia Group is active in the following three basic market sectors in 30 countries:

- Dairy Products and Beverages

- Food Services and Entertainment

- Frozen Foods

During all these years, Olympic Catering managed to maintain its Greek character, successfully adapting to international market changes and customers’ varying preferences. From the complex in-flight catering service to the more specialized mass catering service of the biggest supermarket chains and other industrial catering units, Olympic Catering is able to satisfy even the most demanding customer. This combination of experience and know-how allows Olympic Catering to face the future with great confidence and optimism.