Olympic Catering possesses the most advanced installations for meal production in Greece; this enables the team of chefs and specialized food technologists to comply with and apply the latest developments in meal production technology on a daily basis. 

Olympic Catering can produce hot and cold, frozen and chilled meals. The company has developed a method of chilled food production, which can last 25 days, if it is stored in a refrigerator. This new method is an innovative production technology for Greece.

Food production for in-flight catering mainly refers to chilled or frozen food, whereas production for industrial catering – for professional use and for the supermarket sector – refers to chilled and frozen products too.

The choice of packaging materials for industrial catering products ensues from innovative methods adopted by the ready meals production sector. C-PET food packaging allows the heating of meals in their own containers in conventional or microwave ovens.

The hygiene and safety standards of produced meals are guaranteed in every stage of the production process by maintaining a strict refrigeration chain so that the final consumer can enjoy a meal that retains its full taste and impeccable quality.