Olympic Catering has been granted the British Airways Award for Excellence, in acknowledgement of the company’s performance during 2007/08.

The criteria used by British Airways in order to assess its caterers’ performance are presented below
  • A minimum of one full year as a British Airways caterer
  • High standard achieved in the hygiene audit 
  • No failure for CCP (Critical Control Point) 
  • No pathogen alerts 
  • 100% response to timescales for audit issues identified, and responsiveness to the microbiological programme 
  • Compliance with the British Airways Peanut Policy 
  • Timely MCFS (Monthly Catering Financial Summaries) 
The Award for Excellence programme, not only reflects British Airways’ commitment to working with its catering partners to provide its customers with a consistently high standard of hospitality, but also signifies Olympic Catering’s hard work and its emphasis on meeting safety and hygiene standards.